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Some things I miss

Hello, my first post here

Some things I want:

1. Mixing console
Having used Reason since the Rebirth days, as well as being a sound engineer working at concerts and such, I really miss a large mixing console. Say 32 channels (or heck, arbitrary amount?) with 4-band parametric EQ, phase invert, 8 AUX sends, 8 sub/VCA groups, 4 matrices, mute, solo, PFL/AFL. A real mixing console, but virtual. Show directly on the console what inserts are being used. Double click to jump to it in the rack. Route the AUX:es, the mains, the matrices on the back side. Let there be a stage box of some sort in the rack where all the inputs and outputs are. Route any audio signal from any synth or effect to one or the inputs, or simply route one of the audio inputs to the console channel input. Which takes us to..

2. Audio tracks with recording
I have said it a thousand times, I don't want to run a DAW separately from Reason. That takes away the magic of just loading up the song and everything is ready to go.
Let each console channel strip have its own track in the sequencer for recording, arranging and automation. And make sure there are tools for manipulating them, time strech, pitch shift, being able to add ankars to the audio file and then quantize them with audio time stretched accordingly, and so on.

3. Gate
Yes, a simple gate. Why is there no gate? I really need a gate for the drums! Give me a gate!

I am very happy to say though, that that is it. That is all I really want, which is heck of an improvement since Reason 1 when I pretty much puked out improvement propositions in my sleep, while at the same time not wanting to touch it because of lack in sound quality. Today it has almost everything I need. Just these three thing, 2 is a must. I can't use Reason until they fix it. Number 1 is a "I reeeeaaallyyy want it!", but I'll live if I don't get it. 3 is a "WTF?", it's the easiest thing they would have implemented. Bah

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