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Problem with Brass

Hi, I'm doing my best at an orchestral piece, but I'm having some strange problems with the brass. I'm using NNXT: its a Trombone, but this happened with the French Horn as well. Their seems to be two sides to playing a brass note. If you play it once, it plays with a nasally, tinny sound. If you play the exact same note again, it plays it warmer and with what seems like more of a filter on it. So, the problem is, that when I play what I have recorded down, one time it will record one way, and the next it will record in a totally different way. Any remedy for this?

Also, while on the topic of brass, is there anyway to make it sound warmer and deeper. I've bought the Garritan Orchestra as well, but every sample seems to be the same. How does one get the heavy brass sound one might remember from the soundtracks of Conan the Barbarian, for example.

Thank you, and as always, any tricks you have to making music sound more "orchestral" in Reason would be greatly appreciated. It's my first attempt at this type of a song, and although some of my favorite music is Orchestral music, it's really difficult to breach into a real sound and come away from a "synthy" sound.


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