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Old 2008-08-20, 22:34
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Rack & sequencer playing different sounds . .

Hi, I have just received my copy of reason and have been playing around with it for a few hours.

I have put together a few beats but they seem to sound pretty different when im playing sounds from
the rack or from the sequencer.

I thought this was strange so tested it with the simplest beat i could make, a few bars of a kick drum playing every few seconds. When played in the Redrum machine in the rack the drum sounds like I would expect it too but when I click 'copy patter to track' and play the audio in the sequencer it sounds like some kind of affects have been added.

When the sample comes to an end in the sequencer the audio keeps playing but reverts back to how it sounds when played on the drum machine in the rack. Im finding this frustrating as I spend quite a while working on a sound in the rack then it sounds different when played in the sequencer.

If anyone can tell me why this is I would be very gratefull,

Thanks, Ryan

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