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Lightbulb New Track - Uplifted - Melodic Trance

Hi everyone, I have been working on this track for about 4 months now. Little bit here and there. Had many more melodies put together before I decided to only keep a certain few that I thought were uplifting, hence the title

This track should open in your Reason 4 rack so you can check out how I made it.

Clicketh teh linkage, turn the volume up a tad, and prepare to get your ears bit off by up to 4 synths at a time.


Would appreciate some comments, now that it sounds a little more like real music then the garbage I posted last week.


PS: Seems the community has diminished over the years. Music tastes have evolved, and people who once were helpful have moved on to other musical interests, and I understand that I haven't been quite helpful on this Forum, either. But knowing that 30 people may have listened to this track and had nothing to say about it, kinda hurts me for the fact that I spent 1000$ of my hard earned money for that smidge of hope that someone would either (a): encourage me, or (b): at least tell me to change my ways on this god forsaken "NEW, IMPROVED, YET USELESS FOR SOME OF US WHO ARE NOT PART OF THE 'ur cool' GROUP" forum. (I'm sure people will bite this bait, and tell me off, without even listening to my track, and prompt me to get a life and go away, and that I'm ugly and that I need anger management courses, because that seems much more productive and constructive than actually listening to the music I provide for people to listen to, and be honest with me about it, without waiting until I beg for a response)

Update 8/30: This is the direction I've been aiming at with this track. Too bad it sounds unoriginal :/
Reason 4 has been purchased

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