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Old 2008-08-24, 22:54
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Make Reason Able to Become a Rewire Host for Audio Coming in from an External Program

I'm sure this has been offered up several times already, but here's my little take on the audio/Rewire thang:

I personally know the effects in Reason WAY better then I know them in any other DAW. Plus, I don't have the loot to purchase all of the RTAS plugins that would allow me to do with effects in Pro Tools that I'm able to currently do within Reason. I feel that if I was able to somehow get my recorded vocals in thru Reason's effects (especially the M-Class devices) then I wouldn't feel such a need for Reason to be able to handle audio within itself. For me, the problem is not being able to mix vocals down in a nice, cohesive piece within Reason. No, importing recorded vocals into the NN-XT as audio or a rex is not an option, because it doesn't allow for enough audio editting, and causes a lot of back and forth file saving and importing.

Maybe I'm just ingnorant to the programming details of Rewire, but what would prevent Reason from having a device, or option, that allowed it to become the Rewire host? Then say I've recorded numerous layers of vocals in Pro Tools. I would make Pro Tools the Rewire slave and Reason the host. I could then route each channel of my Pro Tools vocals into channels on a new Reason Rewire host router, and then from there into any of the Reason mixers. Or if outside DAW's did not allow for this within there programing (allow them to become a Rewire slave), then, as others have suggested, maybe a simple Propellerheads recording suite, that is minial, but allows for audio editting, and routing into Reason for full effecting and mixing?

Well, there's my thoughts on the whole issue. Anyone have another further thoughts, or deeper knowledge on Rewire that would or would not allow this feature to come true?



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