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Old 2008-08-29, 23:50
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My Exported Track Alwasy Sounds Lower In Volume

Hey guys/girls. i'm finally have a track i could be proud about. they only problem is when i export it the quality of the export doesn't seem great. the question is should i go on using reason?

what i compared it too was professional produced tracks. the volume of my track is SO much lower which makes it not stand out. the one thing i tried was in the mastering suit (the initial one that opens in a new project) i took the limiter off on the Maximizer. this made everything louder but distorted and chopped to the point where it doesn't even sound like the same song.

now maybe it's because i'm noobish, but is it possible to get reason tracks to the standard of professional tracks? do i need to get it mastered or will mastering only do so much? most of the people i know use either fruity loops or cubase ( please i love reason, don't send me to loops!!) i just don't want to spend countless hours making music if in the end my track is going to be lower in volume and worst quality than the big boys! please help thanks!

EDIT: well im reading and seems some people experience the same problem as me, just so we are clear, a normal song won my deck will play loud at 20. my song i got to crank at least 10 notches or more over that. sounds good on my computer but then again when i'm making it, i have it CRANKED.

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