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Old 2008-08-30, 18:53
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List of small and tech but important improvements

NN-XT - A root latch button for groups. So that when you have a drum kit loaded and you want to cycle through other sounds you don't have to reset the root key so it plays at the correct pitch.

Redrum - A "cut itself" button for every channel. So you don't get overlapping drum sounds. I'm surprised this still hasn't made it.

Combinator - A option in the programmer so that if button 1 is selected and you hit button 2, then button 1 would turn off.

RPG-8 - Independent controls for the gate and arp. I can believe this was overlooked. Sometimes gates need different patterns and pattern speeds. This might be able to be done with two different RPG-8's but this would be easier.

Subtractor - Re-trigger of wave forms. If you have the same or similar wave forms playing at a similar rate but offset, when they go into phase it sometimes is an undesired effect and it would be nice to have the option.

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