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Todd Rundgren = Reason User

It looks like musician/studio wiz Todd Rundgren used Reason v4 almost exclusively to create his newest disc, "Arena". And it's a huge sounding guitar album! He says in the October '08 edition of 'Guitar Player' magazine that he created the drum/bass rhythm tracks in Reason, then rewired it into RiffWorks where he did multiple takes of guitars and vocals while looping the Reason tracks. He then brought the guitar/vocal audio files back into Reason via sampler (NN-XT, I'm guessing)and triggered them as needed. He used Line 6 Gearbox almost exclusively for the guitar parts and vocals. I'm really excited about hearing this disc. It's supposed to have some huge guitar sounds and will show people that Reason can be used to do kick-ass guitar stuff also. I believe it's going to be released around the end of September. BTW, he also did most of his last disc, "Liars", in Reason. I'd love to see the Propellerhead guys do an interview with Todd on his Reason techniques. He's an innovative cat and always approaches things from "outside of the box".

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