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Old 2008-09-04, 04:03
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Two midi controller simultaneous w/ Reason for live gigging

I am trying to get this setup to work but I can't really get this right. Here's the deal. I've read another post and found how to assign each midi controller to its own Bus in the Preferences. I then go to the Hardware Devices at the top of my rack, click Advanced and assign the incoming channel to a Device.

Here are the challenges. This all works fine if in the sequencer I have no specific device track selected. The problem occurs when I switch patches/combinators and highlight a device track in the sequencer. When this occurs, the Midi Controller that was once assigned to a device, as I mentioned in the previous step, actually plays (you can hear the sound) of the Device that the channel is assigned to and the Device that is selected in the sequencer.

Here what I am trying to accomplish to make myself clearer. I want to run two midi controller simultaneously and use it with reason but be able to do the following:
- switch patches/combinators as most people need to do in a live gig
-switch patches while keeping each Midi Controller playing its own devices and not this undesired layering

Back to current situation.....First of all my previous setup was a Korg TR61 w/ a midi controller running to the Korg TR61 for sounds. This worked well in the Korg and all I had to do was set whatever Program/Patch I set in the Combi setup to a Midi Channel. This doesn't work with Reason. I want to be able to change Combis on the fly, and doing this I am also changing the Combi setup I have among two seperate keyboards. Am I making sense? Please bear with more example just in case I am not making myself clear.

Bottom keys: Split Piano and Brass
Top keys: Split Organ and Strings

I want to be able to just switch a Combi and change the Combis among both keys in one step.

I other words...

Current Setup:
Bottom keys: Split Piano and Brass
Top keys: Split Organ and Strings new combi

New Setup:
Bottom keys: Grand Piano
Top keys: Split Strings and Synth Lead

Anybody use reason w/ two controllers live? What's your setup or what would you recommend? This would all work just perfectly if Propellerhead would just include a feature where we can assign the patch to Midi channel directly from the Combinator's Programming page. In other words, within the Combinator, assign each patch to receive/sound only from a specific Midi Channel.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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