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Old 2008-09-09, 08:22
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More support & options for playing Reason in a live gigging scenerio

Axiom 61 w/ Reason 4.0.1

I have my pads on my Axiom set to transmit on their own Midi Channel. I then assign the channel to route to a device/instrument via the Hardware Device. This all works fine when in the Sequencer, the Mixer track is selected. The problem occurs when I change patches/tracks. When this occurs, my pad plays the sound of both the device that it is assigned to and the device that is assigned to the newly selected track in the sequencer. In other words, I hear two sounds (layering). How can I restrict the pads to play just the instrument that it is assigned to via the Hardware interface and to disregard whatever is selected in the sequencer track? I would like to change patches on the fly while keeping my Axiom pads playing the same patch without having to program it into every single patch that I change to. I think Reason needs to add more support for Midi Channel routing. We really need more flexibility.

The other thing is when running dual midi controllers simultaneously in a live gig. I would like to have both keys to where they have thier own slit sounds all programed in one combi. Therefore, I could just change the Combi and have an entirely different configuration on the fly.

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