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Old 2008-09-17, 15:50
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Remote Mapping / Additional Remote Overrides

  1. Target Track (Absolute)
    to select the first 128 existing sequencer Tracks
    besides the already existing
    • Target Track (Delta)
    • Target Previous/Next Track
  2. Select Patch for Target Device (Absolute)
    to select the first 128 available Patches from current list
    besides the already existing:
    • Select Patch for Target Device (Delta)
    • Select Previous/Next Patch for Target Device
  3. Select Keyboard Shortcut Variation (Absolute)
    to select the first 128 existing Keyboard Shortcut Variations
    besides the already existing:
    • Select Keyboard Shortcut Variation (Delta)
    • Select Previous/Next Keyboard Shortcut Variation
  4. Target Device from Rack
    to select the target device from the rack instead of the track list
    • Target Device from Rack (Absolute) (to target first 128 devices)
    • Target Device from Rack (Delta)
    • Target Previous/Next Device from Rack

A proper Remote file Graphical Editor (much like the Remote Overrides mode screen) would also increase the usability and customization of the standard Remote setups.
Right now, if one doesn't agree with some setups, the only option is to go for the absolute settings or Remote Overrides or, if one doesn't want to loose the dynamic Remote settings, one has to text edit or make a Remote file from scratch

Also, some kind of visual cue (with a shortkey to turn this option on/off) showing what Keyboard Shortcut Variation is currently selected and highlighting what Device controls are currently under the control of what surface controllers (a little label besides each showing the name of the controller declared in the Remote Mapping file).

This post is just a newer version of an older post:
Remote Mapping: non-Delta versions of delta parameters

Another "Additional Remote Overrides" related (old) suggestion:
Remote override mapping "per track" besides current Global

Last edited by Koshdukai; 2008-09-19 at 14:15. Reason: added link to related (older) suggestions

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