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Old 2008-09-28, 20:59
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host/ recording...for reason+external hardware

dear anyone (propellerheads in particuler)
As I am new to the idea of reason ( not quite I did like many others fall hard for rebirth when it was released,and my lust for gear was born).yet I'm not new to the game, over the years I've had many bedroom studios(emu emulators, mc-202, cz's, analog,digital
etc.) curently I'm using ableton live,reaktor 5, and elektrons sidstation ,machinedrum-uw. anyways through moments of frustration and writers block,I decided to try out some new software to see if I could get some new jucies flowing and so I tried out reason-4 and renoise, and fell instantly in love, as I come from a hardware back ground I just could'nt ask for more......But then again I am.......
I understand propellerheads reasoning (pun intended)for not adding midi out and recording apps, but I have a suggestion for some thing a little differant, maybe not inovative but I think a logical step forward for the propellerhead product line...

basiclly I think you should( if not already in development wink-wink-nug-nug) develope a host programe for reason, one that would could contain reason ala vst-esqe. with exstensive recording and audio manipulation options or simple one you decide, but also include midi out/ control options ( maybe a soft control of external hardware in the form of a semi-modular build your own controler...knobs,sliders, x-y's etc. that you can send nprn/midi control numbers to your hardware, enabling you to jam live with reason and record the incoming audio into the host program..
sugestion for name of said host REorder...midi controler app...GHOST-(ala ghost in the shell), maybe you can also develope small but useful audio manipulation apps-ala dblues glitch or enable host to (Hack)) into reasons already amazing efx and utiliies, basiclly
extending reason to a midi/audio semi modular, enabling audio recording of reason and hardware, then running the audio maybe into screamer4 then spliting the signal with aspider into a delay then to a reverb then record the combined results.
I personally dont like using a bunch of apps to get the work of music done,and i would be more than happy to use as few apps as possiable... but I will say this I would my ableton and native instrument software at the music software for the musically challenged. the very same day you release such a program...this I promice9 but the hardware stays!!!
needless to say I will be buying Reason-4 and recycle( a program that I've always enjoyed( some of my friend have used it for years )at the end of the month. As reason Is that much fun to create with...As there will be no expected reply to this..I hope just maybe you will consider My suggestions feel free to use the names as well...
happy to exchange friendly ideas
Damon Kirby

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