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Lightbulb External Drive advice

*****Feel free to ignore, I did a search after posting this and saw someone elses post on this subject******

Hi peeps,

I am in the process of getting my home studio up and running. I am learning how to use reason and pro tools and am enjoying myself and my music more than I have in a long time. I may be a noob, but I am an enthusiastic one. Only one minor hitch so far and that is that my 500gb external drive has just died.

I had a WD elements 500gb which I have had for a year but not really used, apart from picture/music storage, until I embarked on my quest for world domination in the world of home produced music. I am now in the market for a new one, I am doing my own hunting around for a good replacement but no matter which product I look at there are almost as many negative reviews as positive. The WD elements seems to be pretty despised by people that have had one.

This is what I think I need in a new drive:
Speed of 7200 or better
Capacity of 250gb or better
buffer of around 12mb or better
preferably already formated for NTFS cos I am lazy, not too bothered about this tho as its only a format away.

But most of all, reliability. I would sacrafice one or more of the above points for this.

What do you guys use/endorse? I know many of you guys here have been making music for a long time and will be very equipment savvy, I would be eternally greatful for any advice.

Thanks in advance.


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