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No midi notes when recording, Help!

I'm relatively new to Reason 4, but have taken the time to do research and troubleshooting before coming to the forums with my problem.

current machine:

windows xp pro sp3, 1gb ram, plenty of hd space, p4 dual core 3.2, (yikes) soundblaster 5.1 platinum interface front loader with midi in/out.. i use the ASIO driver interface to deal with latency, but have gone back and forth for troubleshooting to my soundblaster midi port.

software : reason 4, sony acid pro 6

control surfaces : padkontrol by korg, maudio keystation 61es

all was working fine after i installed reason for the first time. after some minor research i had both control surfaces working properly, even recorded some stuff midi wise with redrum and subtraktor.

brought acid into the mix, rewiring reason and even having a little luck. it was all a test run, and was going to come back later to record some ideas. opened reason a few days later to lay down a rhythm in my head, set up the file, added redrum, was able to hear the things i was playign thru the padkontrol (maudio was disconnected at this time), selected the appropriate devices in the track and pressed record and started playing. this time no notes were being recorded in reason!

tried messing with the routing, the preferences, advanced controls, deleted/readded the device, etc.. see the problem here is i can hear everything, it sees and responds to input, every pad works fine, just no midi notes being recorded!

went back to acid, reset all defaults, and the weird thing is, i can actually send midi to reason thru acid via rewire and get notes recorded BUT the notes are all distorted and over the place and dont sync properly! so i can still get notes THROUGH REWIRE/ACID! ARGH!

ive uninstalled both software packages and reinstalled. ive deleted reason preferences. ive reset all acid preferences and erased all rewire links to reason.

Please remember initially i had this all set up correcdtly and was recording fine. Something occurred after rewiring to acid (in my opinion) and now i cannot find where it has occurred or what is going wrong. I'm sure its something simple, i'm just overlooking it somewhere from spending hours trying to fix it and getting frustrated im probably just missing it.

im about to pull my dreads out and say forget it and quit. help. please. jah depends on it.
thanks in advance to any input you have
the Reverend bIl Z'bUb
san diego, ca

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