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Old 2008-10-16, 14:03
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Possible improvements to aid workflow?

Hi, first time post here and sorry, is a bit of a long one, i've mentioned some improvements to specific devices that i believe would speed up the processes that i use reason for, here goes....

I enjoy using the matrix - mostly as it means you don't have to leave the rack to get sounds going.

However, one thing that annoys me is the Level of accuracy you can get while drawing curves, gates etc

(1) I don't know how you would improve this - possibly an expansion box for the gate area? or for the whole unit? So you would have a larger visual area to edit in.

The use of the small slider for using more than 16 steps is prohibitive - you have to try and remember what you did in the first 16... There seems to be no way of copying the first 16 to the second 16 (16-32, etc..)
For making detailed drum parts in the rack, rather than editing with patterns (or in the sequencer) it is a pain that you cant see more steps - so - (2) possibly another expansion box so you could view and or activate the next set of steps... this way you could see up to 4 lines of step sequencer.

(3) Similarly - the pendulum modes etc in the Thor could be really useful and cool in the Redrum
(same goes for the Thor step sequencer BTW)

Another cool feature would be like copy to track - how about send to DrRex? (4) i find that in my workflow i create a beat in the redrum, and thinking its the best thing since sliced bread, want it in the DrRex, but in order to do so i have to solo the track, set the loop markers, export the sound, open in recycle, slice and dice accordingly, save as rex file, close recycle, open reason, find the sound and import it... would be great for the workflow if you could quickly hit a button and have the file in a rex/nnxt ( for this i dont think you would have to have slices [necessarily] as the tempo of the track with the beat you have created in the redrum is the same as the one you are importing to, alothough that would be just excellent)

I've seen people asking for more functions in this and i'm just repeating the stuff here as i reckon the more people shouting about it the better - so:
(5) more assignability, i think its about 10 things you can assign to one button, which is a hellavalot.. but we always want more .. right?
(6) liked the idea that i read on the forum here of being able to assign buttons with a mouse click rather than having to using the programmer which can be a little fiddly.. whoever that was - nice idea!
(7) in the programmer - one thing that i find hard is that for example, if you are setting a rotary to a rate knob - you set the values from 0-127.. but say i want to set the rotary from 1/4t to 1/16 notes? i have to fiddle around and go back and forth trying to find the exact values.. again this takes time and adds to the workflow issues.

(8) expander? Gate? yes please!
(9) Need more EQs.. more bands in the mclass (or a new 8/10 band mclass? maybe one that has up to 10 bands that you can turn on or off? Definitely need more accuracy in the 2band (why are the freq values not shown in the tool tips?) Same goes for Vocoder - what Frequencies am i effecting if i am cutting band 6 in 512 mode EQ? and if i move it down a bit how much amplitude am i cutting - i can only tell if i get a ruler out and try and see on the left hand side where the dB scale is...Vocoder should have Ms on the attack and delay in the Tool Tips as well..
(10) Delay line step length - more options? (possible delay modes such as the scream has - eg. digital delay, analog delay, sweep delay, reverse delay etc..)

It seems like a long list - but i'm trying to be critical in a helpful way - i think reason 4 is great and am trying to get the most out of it - all things are possible.
Hopefully some of these ideas are food for thought for the developers - hey they've already helped me out by making the program in the first place!!

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