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Post Audio Analyzation Devices :: AudioMTR3

Audio Analyzation group of devices seems to be missing from Reason's 'family' of devices. For inspirational purposes, I'm laying down here a possible device, called AudioMTR3, which could belong in such a devices' group, if the company ever decided to initiate one of such kind.

Such a group of devices would aliviate the need to ReWire out signals for monitoring, using audio splitters etc, thus improving workflow and expanding Reason's capabilities in this area.

AudioMTR3 Manual

Meter method of readings etc

L = Left channel only
R = Right channel only
LR = Both channels seperately
AVG = Average of Left & Right channels
LPK = Peak of Left
RPK = Peak of Right
LRPK = Both channels' peaks seperately
AVPK = Average of Left & Right channels' peak

and so on - it's up to the programmer

Length of graph display in time
With a high value (seconds or even minutes) one should expect to see the waveform inputed

Max db:
Maximum energy of graph display & peak meter.

Min db:
Minimum energy of graph display & peak meter.

With Min & Max db there can be oscillation focus on specific dbs.
For example with Min = 0db & Max = 10db there can be focus on clipping material over 0 db.

L & R colored buttons:
Can set color of waveforms, similar to setting group color

Reset Buffers:
Force clear previous measurements in buffers

Response Refresh:
How fast the previous measurements are cleared from the buffers.
For example, infinite with the appropriate Metering method would allow peak monitoring.

Oscillation compression [db] in time [ms / s / m / etc]. When L & R are combined, the color of the oscillator is the intermediate color between the color of L and the color of R. In the example, left [orange] oscillator is faded out as it is not active for monitoring.

Top left of graph can be dedicated for different readings such as RMS. A button to show or hide this could also be there. In the example, left [orange] readings are faded out as they are not active for monitoring.

Monitoring volume between Min & Max with the appropriate response, metering method & function. In the example, left [orange] is faded out as it is not active for monitoring.

Now, using this little device & audio splitters, many instances of it can be combined. Each instance can focus on a specific metering job. The left & right can also be monitored independantly to have a cleaner view etc. In the example, 2 can be placed next to each other. In this way, many monitoring combinators can be produced, each one dedicated to serve a specific monitoring job.
Loading & saving settings without the help of a combinator may be useful.
Turning Graph display on/off may be useful for speed.
CV outputs on the back [i.e. such signals could be used for gate cut]

Also, with the use of this device, pre-processing & post-processing waveforms can be monitored etc.

Other possible devices in this group: Frequency Monitoring, Phase Monitoring and so on.


A few thoughts for inspiration.
Thank you
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