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Here's the thing...

The props are selling all this great refills and there are a lot of other refills around... So i bought the Studio Combi, and i have some other stuff I've been collecting (miroslav gold, sonic reality, and all the free stuff from this and other sites).

The problem is... Since reason doesn't stream from the hdd these refills are Ram hogs!
Some months ago my P4 based system has blown away.

So i gathered some pieces, and with some work i rebuilt it, a Quad Core 6600 with 4 GB ram. This is a great machine, works like a charm with reason, cubase, and o on... I have it running at 3 GHz, and it never hiccups.

Problem is, i was doing some tests, and i got a "out of memory" message at aprox 2 GB use from the Reason.exe task (and i have a 6 gb swap file). Note that my system had yet a 7GB VM headroom to go!!!

It's not that i have this kind of projects everyday, but... i might! My last project ate 1,3 GB ram (some producer's drum and piano from the reason pianos, and reason drums, 3 different mellotrons, a bunch of sounds from the base and orkester refills, and not many much stuff), and that wasn't a complicated project.... I wonder then, how will it be with a more intricate song!

Is it possible to use more ram with Reason?

Thank's in advance.

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