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Rewire into Cubase Question

Hi Guys and Girls.

Please help me - i'm going mad trying to sort this out.

I have Reason rewired into cubase ok, and when I trigger a Redrum bassdrum using my midi keyboard I can hear it through Cubase and see the level meter being triggered.

When I press record on Cubase and tap in a drum kick it records the midi data and when you press stop you can actually see the midi clip of data within Cubase.

Now when I press play on Cubase the recorded kick drum does not come through the speakers!!!!!

Thats where I'm and have come to a brick wall.

I read somewhere else that I have to record the kick drum clip in Reason and then when Im happy with it I solo the channel in Cubase the drum is coming through via rewire and export the audio to the audio pool and to track within Cubase.

I've done this and the audio kick drum then appears on the Cubase track but is doubled up when I play it because its also playing the reason track as well - so i mute the drum track within Reason.

Is this totally the wrong way to go about this? As this seems a long winded crap way to go about things.

I've looked at the user guide on here about rewire but althgough it shows you how to set it up, it doesn't touch on then actually using it and recording the sounds from Reason into Cubase.

I thought that once you had rewired up Reason to Cubase I would say create a midi track in Cubase and via the pull down menu select THOR for instance and then i would press record and punch in my Thor bassline and then press stop.

I then assumed that if i pessed play i could here the Thor bassline being played through Cubase as if Thor was a VST.

Surely thats what should happen?

If you can let me know where I'm going wrong I'd be so gratefull.

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