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Old 2008-11-06, 01:59
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genesis - dance on a volcano - new song!

well, you guessed it, its a genesis cover haha

now, the worst part about making this song was that i did everything by hand in the edit menu, especially drums.

the reason for that, the REdrum sucks basically, and it was just a lot easier to do the drums by hand cause i had more freedom as to where id be able to put a sound and not have to worry about finding the certain part of the drum sequence to put it in, so i hope i get some kudos for that! XD

haha, and another problem, i left out the most important part of the song, the ending.

the reason for that, on Reason, i cant have the song at 105 bpm then change it to 160 at any certain part of the song, and thats how fast the end part is, so im sorry about leaving a very important part of the song out, but except that, overall i think i did a good job.

it took me many many many hours to figure this song out, actually, a few days, but it all seems 99.99999997% accurate.

so take a listen if you click my name and search for "dance on a volcano" in my published whatchamajiggers.

feedback is also necessary! XD =]

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