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Old 2008-11-09, 23:53
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Talking Mix -n- Master Challenge: Download the ReFill

This took some doing but I finally got a Refill made and uploaded.
Kudo's to Propellerheads for making the Refill Packer available for free!

Available is a complete refill ready for Mixing and Mastering.
The song is a RAW Native American flute, Just over 4 minutes long.
The file is 33.2mb [we're testing Comcast's resolve to limit downloads here too!]

This refill contains:

2 Reason songs. One Raw, one Mixed for reference.

All the Audio Samples for a 4-1/2 minute song [those are the bulk of the download]

2 NN-XT patches. Song already layed out on tracks using 22 samples.

The challenge is to take the Raw song and make it into something.
There are no rules!... you can bend and shape this however you like.
Users will judge you on your Mixing and Mastering Skills.

This is not for everyone but it could be something that can show the power of Reason as an Effects Processor and even its Mastering capabilities. The reference song is by no means complete. For my taste, there is still some automation and sidechaining to be done before it is complete. I included the reference in case you wanted to see what could be done.

For those of you just wanting to see how audio is incorporated into reason, open the RAW song.

About the samples:
The song was captured using DigiDesign's DigiOO1 and ProTools v6.4 and a Sony ECM-MS5 stereo microphone into a 24bit/48khz session. The samples are not processed in any way other than arrangement. All samples are 24bit, 48khz stereo. The flute was crafted by Butch and Laura Hall and is a Cedar F# Native American Flute;

All patches and song files can be saved. I am the author of the samples and grand free license of the published material in the refill. Upon completion, you are free to restrict rights for the completed song as you deem appropriate. I reserve the right to use the samples including granting license to others as I have done above.

I would like this to be a collaborative effort for those who want to do more than just make music. Please post a link to your finished work here... you can post the Reason files, MP3's or whatever format you are comfortable with and at whatever download site you have available. Remember that self contained songs will be bigger than Propellerheads will allow to be posted.

There is no deadline; the prize is recognition from your fellow Reason users.

Let the contest begin!

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