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Why not read the manual

Reason comes with a Quick Start Manual, and a more indepth Operating Manual.
I dont understand why people just dont read them and yet aspect to just get by here and there and ask in the forums when they need help on the simplest things.
Yes simplest things like automation for example. Reason has by far one of the most simple and easy automation concepts i have used on many a DAW.
Then other things like setting up a soundcard and midi keyboard with Reason...
This is all included in the manual, you dont even need to read it all, but at least do some work self and try to work out your problems.
Most users on the forums are more than happy to help, but i do think its ridiculous the amount of really basic questions beeing asked here when its obvious that 1. The individual hasnt even bothered to research a bit (doing a forum search/read the manual), or 2 Cant get the manual co's they are using a warez version that maybe didnt include the manuals?
So come on guys and girls, how do you aspect to make any decent music when you dont even know your tools...

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