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Old 2008-11-20, 16:18
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Lightbulb Audio In & Audio Out :: ReWire In & ReWire Out

I've seen discussions on introducing audio input in Reason numerous times.
I'll focus on how this could be implemented in an effort to inspire.

To take things one at a time, I am not going to expand upon the theme of recording. I'm planning to post in the future another subject based on this one to complete the entire idea.

1. Dynamic Audio Layers

The user is no longer limited (or forced) to a 64-output-channel Reason. The user can now add or remove dynamically audio devices and set their source input or their target output respectively.

2. Dynamic Audio Output (Layer)

Since the target output of each hardware output device can be set, surround production is made available beyond Left & Right audio card channels. The rendering-audio-output feature should be expanded accordingly.

3. Dynamic Audio Input (Layer)

We've seen ReWire-ing out audio from Reason, yet we have not seen ReWire-ing audio in.

Without ReWire-ing in, users are currently forced to use solely external audio processing on external audio material through ReWire - thus breaking up the audio processing uniformity chain [device-wise and automation-wise].

This wall is torn down by being able to dynamically create hardware input devices and assign an input source as well as a converter to convert the inputed signal to the internal Reason audio format. These audio input converters can be dynamically loaded into the application, thus allowing the company, as time progresses, to expand this collection easily & accordingly. The input source can vary from audio channels of other ReWired software to actual hardware input channels - for example the microphone input of an audio card.

By having ReWire IN in Reason:

a) A user may utilize his/her VST plugins :: route audio content to a VST plugin and route it back to Reason
b) A user can have all the processing & automation power / uniformity of Reason applied onto audio content of ReWired applications without the need of rendering that content first and importing it [which also deprives it of its possible dynamic nature]
c) Room is made for Audio Recording devices [I'm planning to send in the future a post dedicated on this subject as already stated] to be used in combination with actual hardware input sources, and not only.

Thank you
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