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Axiom 25 knobs


I've been googling for hours to figure out how to turn off the crappy acceleration curves on the knobs.
Actually the manual described it, but it seems like even though I managed to turn it off, Reason still get the accelerated button movements.
For example: Lets say you want to control the sample start on a NN19. If you turn the assigned knob on the Axiom clockwise at first nothing happens, but shortly after the knob starts to turn in Reason. Then if you start turning the knob counterclockwise on the Axiom, the knob in Reason keeps going clockwise for a while and then slows down to start turning counterclockwise as you did on the Axiom.
Although it's not the case it almost seems like there's a delay on the signal from the Axiom to Reason.

Does it make any sense at all?

Any help or suggestions are welcome.


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