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Old 2008-12-07, 10:50
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music production tips and tricks (compression & eq)

hi everyone!

laurent veronnez sent me these tips. they did help me a lot.
i hope you can use them, too.


Actually, there are two critical parameters: compression and eq. They also have their utility at the end of aux channels such as reverbs and delays

If you're not satisfied with your mixes, here's what you can do:

Check that the chains on all tracks have the right order.

Respect this list's order by picking what you use per track and it should get right

Main tracks
1. Natural compression
2. Saturator
3. More compression
4. Flanger, phaser fx, chorus
5. Delay, fx reverb,
6. EQ (remove anything under 150Hz if it's no kick or bass)
7. Sidechain compression (don't ever put it before anything or it'll get muddy)

Aux Channels (Reverb, Delay)
1. Your effect
2. Compression
3. EQ
4. Sidechain compression.

Rule nr 2:

Don't ever go too large with instruments. It's easier to make it larger at the end. So everything that's kick, bass, MUST be mono, delays must be at max 50% left or right.

If you respect those it should get a lot better. By all means Compress your plucked sounds, you basslines, BUT NOT YOUR KICK, let it breathe!

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