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Visual Aid

Reason doesn't provide much visual information on what's actually happening:

1. Before Thor it was impossible to tell what cutoff frequency a filter was set to, which made synth programming tutorials somewhat hard to follow (...'set the LP cutoff to around x Hz'...)
2. You can't see the CV modulation of a parameter if it isn't routed into a Combi knob CV input and assigned to a Combi internal parameter. This makes it hard to know whether at all or at what point a CV signal is clipping, especially once a few CVs are merged and used to modulate a third parameter with value x which you might also want to manually manipulate. (Math? Nah - never liked that one...)
3. Rex is the only device that shows you a waveform representation of the sample/loop.
4. There are no DB meters on the mixer channels
5. There is no spectrum analysis unit that could tell you what is happening frequency-wise in your tracks
6. Only Thor and NN-XT envelopes display time values, and none of the older effects give any time/frequency information (chorus delay time, phaser frequency, EQ frequency, etc.) So how how about a shortcut to toggle between precise values and MIDI data range (0-127) display, including detune amount in cents on the unison and the likes? This would also properly take care of point 1 whenever whenever one is not working with Thor but a Subtractor, Malstrom or ECF-42.

You may disagree about some of these points, but altogether it's probably safe to say that many users appreciate visual aid of one sort or another, and that there could be more of it inside Reason.

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