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16 faders - 32 knobs combinator

Sounds weird, I know, but such a big combinator would sort out a few issues:
- for those who play around using Reason in a modular way, it would give more flexibility
- to play live, you can really put a whole song in a combinator and still have enough controls to control whatever is going on in the song, then move on to the next piece of music / next combinator, all the mapping automatically following to the next combinator. (from my experience this would proove useful for all types of electro / techno, maybe not for those who use reason as an additional synth rack in rock. Would't know about rap/ hip hop)

As I see it, the rack would be a very small item not much displayed, openable four-folds:
a/ a program map, very much like the actual thor or combinator program map
b/ a keyboard splitter, like the actual combinator, maybe with a few transpose options.
c/ a knob display
d/ a fader & button display.

For ease of use on larger displays, you could display a&b or c&d together, but keeping them separate would help on laptops when playing live.

Another option would be just to have 64 knobs.

I know this sounds weird, but even though when playing live ambiant music I have no issues, when playing techno we always have this weird moment when changing from one Reason rack to another. As the number of controls on combinators are limited you have to resort to overmap MIDI controls to whatever parameters are being played on. but once two / three synths have been played, there always is a moment when you just have played all assignable knobs and would need to hot swap these controls. just changing combinator would do the trick, because colling down to a simple kick whikle opening a new reason and mixing between non-synchronized / non mixed / non-limited racks often ends up at the very least in a few unpleasant clipped seconds.

Oh, and if there are any suggestions on an existing solution, I'll adopt it.
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