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Redrum hits in seperate lane

Hi all,
In going thru reason 4 with interface out to aux channels in protools, I was useing the redrum and several nn-xts. With the redrum I had one pattern with a bass,snr,hh. I created another lane to add a tambourine to hit with the snare. When I would hit my midi keyboard while play thru the track and record those tambourine it would cut out snare or hh (couldn't play along and lay tambourine in seperate lane without lossing other drum hits). I created another redrum and played along, it recorded but seamed alittle out of time (delayed) although midi notes appeared to be on the grid. Decided to maybe try pencil tool and insert notes using the sequencer instead. In the area I was to put the midi notes in was darkened,and as I tried to insert a midi not (tambourine key) the darkened area would get undarkened in the lane where I hit the note going vertically (that grid). When I tried inserting more tambourines along the lane (horizontally), the rest of those columns (going vertical and horizontal remained dark and inaudible. An ideas why I couldn't play along without other drums dropping out or why I couldn't pencil in midi notes in sequencer?

Thank you,

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