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1/2 rack mini CV mixer

I think a small mini-mixer that worked with CV's would be cool. I'm not just talking about the SpiderCV either. I want something that has the same types of functionality as an audio mixer, but works with CV signals. Something with front panel controls that are automatable and Combi knob-able. Oh yeah, I think we should be easily able to fit into a 1/2 rack box. Maybe call it the "Spider Mix".

The back side :

1. 4 Source CV ins for the signals that will be routed to the mixer

2. 5 CV ins for the level knobs on the front. 4 for the 4 channels and 1 for the master. This will allow envelope control of LFO/CV mixing.

3. 2 CV outs for the Master 'mix'. 1 that is normal output and 1 that is inverted.

4. 4 'sesnitivity' knobs, 1 for each channel's level knob CV in.

The front side :

1. 5 knobs - 1 for each 'channel' and 1 for the Master level.

2. Solo and Mute buttons on each channel

All that would allow for automated and realtime CV tweakification. As I was writing this out I though of a ton of other features that I wanted to add. Unfortunately, I also wanted to keep it 1/2 rack sized. I think I will do a seperate one for a full featured CV mixer thing-a-ma-bob.

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