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Thor: Little Big Things

1. It is presently not possible to mute Thor's Filter 1/Shaper output using the pre-wired arrow routing, you can only select between feeding the signal into Filter 2 or straight into the Amp section. This must have been overlooked...
(see thumbnail1 for what I think should be possible)

2. Delay and chorus are mono-in stereo-out and neither available as modulation bus routing audio source nor destination which limits their potential considerably. Why not give them both a pair of modulation routing in and outputs and perhaps even an additional pan knob?

3. Filter3 has only modulation routing audio inputs but no outputs and is hard-wired via the effect units over the controller panel master volume control into Thors main 1&2 outs.

4. One wouldn't expect that audio picked up at, say, filter1 still has to be scaled by the amp (or some other) envelope, but this is kind of a nice thing once you know about it. Still, I find Thor's user manual section not very detailed and I think there should be a mention of where in the signal path the Amp Envelope is applied.

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