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Old 2009-01-22, 11:27
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Talking Playtime: Hyper Synth (sound sculptors dream)

Suggestion for Hypersynth SSD (Draft):

Partial Section (X4):

True stereo signal path.

Osc slot for different oscillator types. Carries the new oscillator modules (see previous post) as well as the existing oscillator types from Thor, except for the multi oscillator (explained further down).

Two filter slots. Stereo filters selectable in series or parallel, will carry the new filter modules as well as the current ones available from Thor.

Three envelopes in total: Amp, Filter and Mod

Four LFO’s: Polyphonic, freely assignable.

Synth Section:

• 4 Oscillators (with lo freq mode).
• 8 Filters (2 x 4).
• 12 Envelopes (Amp, Filter & Mod x 4).
• 16 LFO’s (4 x 4).

A link button to link filter and amp settings between all the partials.

Global Mod Matrix with 20 Sources, 40 Destinations and 20 Scales.
Freely programmable between all the partials.

Polyphony/Voice section:

The voice section should have a unison switch that will stack all the polyphonic voices into one fat voice. It would be great to have a separate digit window so that you can set the synth to i.e. 8 voices but with 8 voices unison (totalling of up to 64 voices in this specific example).

Apart from unison on/off there should be a pot for detune amt and one for stereo spread. This should be applicable on all the different oscillator types.

For greater liveliness in the sound, there could be a drift that affects all the oscillator types controlled with an “analogue” potentiometer that could control the drift from zero drifting to heavy drifting.

The drift should affect the osc pitch individually, per voice so that they drift in relation to each other as well.

The synth should also have different means of achieving “instability” in the sound. Apart from the oscillator drifting described above there could also be some sort of drifting applied to the filters as well, making them sound more alive and vivid.

Effect Section:

The hypersynth will carry an effects page with 4 slots. The synth will have the following effect modules to choose from:

Chorus: A high quality chorus with a range of tweakable settings.

Flanger: A dedicated high quality flanger (through zero type) with tweakable settings.

Phaser: A high quality multi stage phaser with tweakable settings and switchable stages for 2, 4, 6 & 12 stages.

Delay: A high quality stereo delay with tweakable settings and individual settings (different timings) for L and R channels.

Reverb: A high quality stereo reverb with different algorithms and tweakable settings.

Tube Warmth & Overdrive: A high quality unit with tweakable settings to add warmth to the sound and also the possibility to drive the signal into overdrive.

I/O Connectivity:

Individual stereo outs for each page as well as one main stereo out.
Individual stereo ins for each page as well as one main stereo in.

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