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New pattern management system

As english is not my main language I will try to express what I think the best I can. This to say that I hope to be understood.

I don't know if someone of you own FXpansion's soft BFD2. I do. And I think that there is a very nice function in this soft : it's the way you can manage our drum pattern. You have a few option like : change pattern at the end of the pattern, change pattern in synchro time (which allow you to switch between drum pattern live for exemple : you play the first bar of pattern A1 then the second bar of pattern A2 (for a drumfll for exmple) then come back to pattern A1 and everything fit smoothly & perfectly), change pattern immediatly.

There is also other options for pattern changes : play the next one at the end of the pattern, play the before one ehen th pattern is ended, and things like that...

Plus, you can assign every pattern to a key on your master keyboard.

Thoses features let you manage patterns (esspecially drum pattern from the drummachine) more efficently and in a much smoother way which result in better drum result.

What do you think about ?

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