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Old 2009-01-25, 13:29
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Lightbulb NNXT NN19, and Dr. Rex up grade for live sampling

I know every one would like to have audio tracking in Reason Pheads is not going to do that so quit asking. I have been thinking if they could make up grades to the devices mentioned spacifically for those devices it would benefit all of us. Pheads please read this. I think in order to get alot of people to abandon thier hardware you have to give them a good (Reason) to do so. Reason vs a regular synth I would rather have Reason, but Reason vs a Sampling synth like the Fantom, Triton, or Motifs nobody wants to give that up so Pheads hear it is. The NNXT your Flag ship sample player upgrade to sampler status so sound designers can sample instruments right into the NNXT and make thier own multisamples with the NNXT not another sampler, auto mapping, and auto multisampling.

Now for the NN19 give it the same capabilities within its limits.

Last but not least the Dr. Rex Loop player. everyone we need another drummachine besides (Redrum) its cool to have that old school type drummachine, but we need something more up to date and refreshing and Pheads instead of writing codes for a new drummachine why don't you add that ability to Dr. Rex hit the other expand button pow four banks 16 pads each, effects on each pad, auto sampling, auto slicing/chopping, manual slicing,auto mapping to pads, manual mapping to pads,ability to make multiple loop points within a loop to create instant stutters and trigger different sections of the loop on the fly that way you can save your slices as a rex file copy it to the sequencer, realtime record it or trigger it like a live dj set on the fly using your keyboard or a pad controller. Each pad will have its own looping feature where you can pic one shot, or loop trigger in live mode, or Reatime recording mode, also a reverse loop function and reverse slice on each pad, 64 out puts to control each individual sound in the mixer if you are crazy enough to have that many sounds going at once and included of course all your basic and advanced wave form editing features. You would still be able to use Dr. Rex as before but if you want to pull out the big guns you can no more relying on a DAW to record your sound then save as wave file then import into Recycle then save as a rex file then import into Reason too time consuming. Just create a Dr. Rex hit audio sample set levels and record straight from vynl, cds, or import all audio formats into the Dr. Rex do your editing save as a rex file yes right in the Dr. Rex loop machine and go crazy. So Pheads what do you guys think about that and you other Forum readers if you have any other ideas to add please do so. Also you should be able to double click on the loop view to get to the editor and on each pad to edit each sample.

P.s you guys here's a pic
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File Type: jpg Dr. Rex Drum Loop.jpg (40.5 KB, 51 views)
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Last edited by Mehdo; 2009-01-26 at 11:59. Reason: want to ad pic of my Idea

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