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Old 2009-01-26, 01:53
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Clicking on notes in the Sequencer should play a sample of that sound

Sorry if the title is sort of ambiguous; I don't know what the exact terminology is. But what I mean is, when you have notes in the sequencer, you should be able to click on the orange bars that represent the notes and hear what that note will play. I know GarageBand has this feature, and it was quite useful for drawing in notes. In Reason, you have to click on the keyboard on the left side of the sequencer screen to hear what note it will play. I think it would be nice if clicking on the orange bar (without holding it) played that note (or sound/sample), but clicking and holding the bar would not produce a sound, for when you have to resize/relocate the note. I know this isn't a major issue, but what do you guys think?

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