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Akai MPC vs Reason

ok this isn't really a comparison thread but rather a bit of testimony and tip for people who are curious because i see SO many people asking this questions on various forums either here, or even mpc forums etc.

i started out as a reason user. 1.0 to be exact when it came out. After much usage i got an mpc 1000 last june and have been using it eversince for every stuff i made.

i guess two simple categories of my experience:

1. the sound: okay i think this gets asked alot probably more than anything else. which has a better sound quality? well to be blunt there isn't really. But There is however a difference in sound output of the Akai MPC for whatever reason, and i believe it is the presets or the AMP output/and or sound out structure, it sounds much fatter "initially"

meaning, the reason template blank, with just the redrum, reason sounds blander and weaker. but using the combinator, scream etc. whatever your taste is with sounds, you can achieve the same and more due to reason's much more vast options.

Another thing is not really a sound issue but the MPC is a much easier system to program drums. but this only applies when you are ONLY using your ears. Since reason has a very intricate visual editing seq. you can correct, edit your drum pattern. To be more clear, with the JJOS custom OS for AKAI mpc, you can achieve this somewhat but it is not even close to being precise.

2. Workflow/Work method/options: This really depends on the user in my opinion. But to be honest, even with the hardcore MPC afficiando, you have to be honest about the fact it is much quicker to use the mouse to drag drop and chop music and sounds than the knobs on the MPC.

Work method is something that I think is too different to compare. Although the Akai MPC has very little screen space and simultaneus effects etc. you can still use Pro Tools/nuendo to add layers of instruments and stuff vs reason, its all there for you to play with.

using the MPC definately improved my ears though thinking with my ears to see what I can add and stuff.

Options of making music is a simple answer really. the MPC can only do 2 sim. effects. enough said.

these are all personal views and opinions and in no way confirming anything.

But after extensive use of the MPC, although 6 months, I have to say that software production has come a long way and I can safely say that it is better than hardware, at least the akai MPC when it comes to things being all there for u to work with and experiment.

the Akai MPC doesn't really give too much room for you to experiement etc. like the reason does.

I can also be much more instrumental and stuff, layering and making my own music on reason than on the MPC. I'm a primarily hiphop producer so i sample alot but with reason i have made original tracks with no samples. what's mind boggling is that it is so easy to do. I have done the same on the MPC with my custom made instruments and synth PGM, but it is nowhere the level of using a midi 88 keys to play it out.

this seems may seem like a very biased view as far as reason vs. akai mpc goes but you gotta admit, software is not only catching up but its there and over hardware in many ways these days.

I have started with the ASR10 then reason 1 and mpc 1000 and 2000xl also i forgot to add. on the side some nuendo and cubase also.

im sure the reason users here are very happy to know reason is nicer in many ways than hardware but the MPC was and still is a very amazing tool. it is extremely fun to make beats on it that's for sure.

Im debating if i should sell my mpc 1000 back or keep it.

sorry for the long post that may not even be of help but i have seen just so many people ask this question.

Also I see too many answers that say "its like apples and oranges, two different things"

you really have to face reality, some things just get better with time.
i mean it was always like this in music. accoustic musicians vs. synth, early drum machines, DJs saying virtual DJing is wack (they have serato now which i think is amazing integration of both) etc. technology will keep evolving, especially in the software world from now on.

Just Blaze for example used to use the MPC now he never really does.
but like just blaze, im just a junkie for new music tools, either hardware or soft

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