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Old 2009-01-31, 22:26
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Yet another post on audiotracks in the sequencer...

This has been discussed in many many threads, wether it's to expect in future versions or not, wether it belongs in Reason whatsoever, and so on. My thoughts on this has always been that I would love that feature, because that is what I miss the most, but considering the way Reason is built (everything has to be wired in the rack) audiotracks doesn't seem to fit in the format (because you can't draw cables to the sequencer).

But what if there was a unit in the rack linked to the audiotrack in the sequencer, something like the ReBirth input machine? That would solve the wiring part, and the audio would be smoothly integrated with the rest of the machinery. Of course, all the conventional audiotrack editing would be available in the sequencer track, including recording.

What do you think?

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