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Dr.Rex Loop - Note edit events

Hello & I hope that someone out there can help. I am working on Reason 4 Academic (Win) and am pretty much new to Reason. I am working through the manual & Sybex book.

My question is this. I have a 32 slice loop that I have put to 'To Track'. I want to edit the note events but all I get is a diagonal representation of the slices. From what I can gather, these are in chronological note lay out order and not the order of how these notes are played. It is quite a fast arpeggiated piece and I have to slow the tempo right down to try and play 'by ear' so to speak. Surely there is an easier way to get a graphical representation of how the notes are played. I guess what I am looking for is the old 'piano roll' type thingy.

I am aware of the alter notes facility (Tool Window) - default 40%. I have tried various percents to try and narrow the loop down to the original but am failing. I intend to deconstruct more loops in the future so I would appreciate a heads up on how to do this please.

Any help gratefully appreciated & thanx for reading,

Samantha Hales,

Boston, Lincs. [UK]

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