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Labelable Rotaries and Buttons

How come the Rotaries and Buttons on Combinator and Thor can't be labeled by users? They're just called "Button 1", "Rotary 1" etc.

I've put together a simple synth for early Depeche-Mode-type sounds, controlled by six knobs and one button:

Rotary 1 on Thor: How open the filter starts out
Rotary 2 on Thor: How far it closes
Rotary 1 on Combi: How long it takes to close (Filter env decay)
Rotary 2 on Combi: How long the note takes to fade (Amp env decay)
Rotary 3 on Combi: How far the two oscillators are detuned
Rotary 4 on Combi: Octave selection
Button 1 on Combi: Chorus on or off

So how do I remember which knob does what? It's on a scrap of paper stuck to the wall. It would be much neater if it could be written on a strip of virtual paper on the device itself.

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