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Old 2009-02-08, 23:47
queen69 queen69 is offline
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Music Workflow from Reason to Cubase? Please help..

Hi there.

It's been a while since i've posted on these forums.

I currently own a version of Reason (3) and Cubase.

I like both Reason and Cubase. They each have their advantages.

The advantages to Reason are the Redrum feature, the Matrix and the way you can structure your song in it.

The advantages to Cubase are that i can use Audio, and use another sound module and some cool plug-ins.

The problem is: I am not sure whether to use Reason or Cubase as my MAIN work area. I want efficiency and a good workflow. I would also like to produce songs with vocals in them (House Music).

So far, this is the workflow (order of events) that i think i should apply to each track i produce:

1. BPM vocal
2. Chop vocal into phrases and segments (save in folder as Audio)
3. Lay vocal on track no.1 in Reason (is this possible? I wish Reason had AUDIO function in it)
4. Produce drum tracks in Reason
5. Do as much work as i can in Reason (eg, Matrix is good, bass, keyboards, etc.) - try to produce song structure in Reason.
6. Once this is done, import midi files from Reason into Cubase
7. Import vocal track to Cubase (and position where i had it in Reason)
8. Fine tune the song in Cubase (finalise arragement)
9. Record all midi tracks as AUDIO in Cubase
10. Apply effects to audio tracks in Cubase
11. Apply final edits and tweaks in Cubase
12. Master and mix down (not sure how yet, but will learn)
13. Record primary audio track in Cubase - track finished.

Sorry, this is a bit long. Just trying to work out how i can get the most out of each program without wasting my time constantly importing and exporting files.

Does this sound like a good idea? Can you envisage me doing it any other way?

I thought of using ReWire and doing it all from Cubase to begin with, but i really like the drums and set-up in Reason.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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