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Enhanced MIDI in ReWire

I crave enhanced ReWire Midi! Imagine being able to drag and drop your Reason midi clips straight into your favourite ReWire host...

I would love to have the ability to control all midi via Reason - including automated parametres! If I make a midi tempo change - or if I have drawn a filter automation curve in Reason I can't export it to Ableton live! I need to redo it all from scratch - and no seq works as well writing midi as Reason's.

Another amazing feature would be to have midi out! Controlling a bunch of hardware gear directly from inside Reason would make my year!

Having a midi tracks in Reason in sync with audio tracks in a rewire host DAW... wow!!!

What if you could control every parameter on your midi synth with Reason 4.5!?!?!?

This would enhance the sequencer like never before!!!

Please support this.

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