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Cracked Software

This is not a thread to advocate or be-head cracked software users.

Ok, I have been thinking about this alot... Especially this morning when I woke up.

I have been a fully paying, fully registered Adobe, Adobe Macromedia, Visual Studio (all languages C through to Java), Propellerheads, IK Multimedia and whole list of irrelevant titles etc user.

You can probably imagine that I have spent thousands alone on software, not to even mention the hardware.

There are people out there who live in countries where the average yearly wage does not even meet the asking of any of the software on show.

Now, now... Before you start to list all the 'free-software' let's consider the demands, which in certain institutions require knowledge of or about 'industry standard software'.

Knowing how to use these softwares or hardware's acts as a 'Golden Key'. Maybe simply to develop more software, get paid work, put food on the table - whatever - I could go on.

The 3rd world as it stands is a rampant and violent place where it is not easy trying to find an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) to facilitate the use of such software. You could have someone in let's say living in an impoverished environment. How you got yourself enough hardware to clunk together and hook up to internet feed is a miracle in itself. But yes these kinds of situations do exist. So now it is upto you to 'make and do' with what you have and what you have got. This internet feed you got, 'Christ' there is whole out there. Are you paying for the connection to view this big wide world. 'F&*k No!!'.

Ok, now let's look at how someone could own cracked software part two.

Your Sixteeen, you live in a relatively well-off industrial nation. But do you know about it? 'F&*k No!!' ... Well ok outside the 'commune' you know about the big wide world because of the 'internet'n'feed' that you should not be using with out Papa's knowledge. If he knew the situation, he'd probably kill you with his own bare hands. Sure one day you will get married, but you already know who the 'lucky-one' is - your sister. Hopefully all this illegal downloading will get you killed before that day comes or who know's - it might even provide you with a way out.

As insane as the above looks I am going to leave it like that. Because each individual character and reference 'Papa, Sister, the whole commune, the internet, the wire could be used as a metaphor for something else. The choice is as wide as your knowledge of everyday life, anywhere but where you are.

Now this is my stand point. I have music out there available commercially. I don't make alot of money out of it, well not as much as I would like... My music is not available free, by principal I put price on everything. It is why we have an economy. But when we have or look at an economy that 1 - May shatter 2 - May Grow Beyond Our Wildest Dreams... It makes me ask 1 question. Someone, somwhere is paying the price? Whether it is in oil, blood, guts whatever this Factory Earth spits out as excrement.

Ok so let's say I find my stuff up available for free download or whatever. Lets say somehow someone got my cd's and copied them off for the whole village. Am I F*&cked Off? Sure I am, natural reaction, but only so far as to looking at who the 'Grabbing Hand' belongs to.

The bottom line is - some people do not have it good. They are not worth pursuing. You will not feel better for it, it will not make you great.

If killing happens to be part of your profession, LOOK before you shoot.

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