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ECF doesn't get note data

Hi Guys,

I am trying tio use an ECF envelope filter to put wah on a gutiar coming out of a NNXT. I have the two linked into a combinator and thence out to my sequencer. I have been into the programmer of the Combi and I have checked the box marked "recieve notes". Right, so my thinking is that a midi note recived by the NNXT should trigger the filter - but it doesn't. If the envelope were working I would see the gate light come on, right? But the light never comes on.

The left side of the filter operates, so I can alter the frequency for example. But I cannot alter the attack and decay etc on the right side simply because the envelope is not being tiggered by the note. But why? What am I doing wrong? Going nuts here.

Thanks to anyone who can get me out of this mess.



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