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Mixing makes me CRAZY!!!

Wutup ma homies! Be warned, slightly drunken babble to follow...

After a disappointing showing in my friend's DJ set, where "One Day in June" fell flat between the songs before and after it- in terms of mixing potency, I have given this mix another go. And I realized since my last album, I haven't done any serious mixing in maybe a year! Good thing too, cause it makes me f'n NUTS! Doesn't help that I have all the source material, so when mixing I feel compelled to fix the turd that can't be polished. Complicates things just a little. If you think you have an ear I would love to hear your opinion.

Everything from Reason except the guitar (Logic+Guitar Rig 3 ( !!!), then Recycled and tweaked substantially in Reason), and the bulk of the Kick came from Logic's UltraBeat synths, tweaked again in Reason. Mixed/Mastered in Reason, using Daft Punk's "Something About You" as an example, tho I think I went a bit boomier with the bass. That's what I'm most concerned with. BTW, that track (DP's) is suprisingly unsquashed. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole album (Discovery) is equally well mastered, tho I haven't extracted it all yet.

Bass was originally Thor, now is supplied by Subtractor (went there after being reminded by y'all that Subtractor was still there ) with a slight case of Unison and prolly some compression or something. Nice growl when it hits the sub-bass in the latter half methinks. Combined Subtractor's 2 osc's, each with a phase value of maybe 14-ish (slightly out of phase with eachother by 2 pts iirc). Both saws, first osc had "-" negative phase (for the growl), second osc normal phase to add smoothness "o". Oh yeah, and lowpassed (duh), but suprisingly also highpassed by the first filter at the lowest frequency, both filters with a tad resonance. Weird huh? Bass and Kicks seriously tweaked by many many many many EQ's. Notches everywhere. Was hoping to upload the rps, but was unable to get it below the 5mb limit this site requires. :\

By the way if you haven't heard of soundcloud it's pretty cool (tho it comes with some extremely crappy limitations for free accounts). You can see the waveforms, people can comment at specific points in the track, and you can upload and share files of any size, so they say. I wouldn't know, cause I only upload 128kbps mp3s for you bootleggin bastards!

Oh also, delled, and anyone else who thought "How Come You're So Electro?" was a bit too complicated, I have made the *tiniest* little edit and would be very interested to know if that cleans it up at all for you. It's also on the soundcloud site. And Kibeja, I boosted the guitar for the moment I thought you were talking about. Seemed like a good idea, if I interpreted you correctly.

WOW blah blah blah I told you mixing makes me CRAZY!!!

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.

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