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Mouse wheel & wheel mouse


I know this has partly been suggested before, but I'd like to add a twist to it.

Basically I, too, would like to be able to change the value of any slider, button or rotary by just pointing at it and using the mouse wheel.

For knobs in particular this would feel more logical than dragging, which visually moves the mouse pointer away from the knob (and sometimes hits the window border).

When no particular control has mouse focus, the entire rack would scroll instead.

One problem, though, is that mouse wheels usually are quite coarse. As little as twelve steps per turn isn't uncommon. Sure, one could move the control in larger increments if the wheel is turned quicker, but that would probably only solve half the problem. You'd still have rather big steps (which could still be useful), or a lot of wheel action to gets things done.

Thus - here's my twist - I'd like to suggest the props to add value-by-wheel to Reason AND a high quality mouse with more steps per turn (and a Propellerhead Logo) to the Prop Shop.


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