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Old 2009-03-03, 14:33
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Upgrade Combinator to read NN-XT patches

I'd like to see the Combinator be able to load NN-XT patches. This would need a couple of things to be upgraded on the Combinator and NN-19. The Combinator would handle all key and velocity splits, and an upgraded sampler device would handle Key Zone parameters.

Stuff that would need to change in order to do this:

1. The Combinator would need 16 outputs, possibly patchable as per the NN-XT
2. The Combinator would need 7 rotaries plus the External Control wheel, so that it can read NN-XT patches
3. The NN-19 would be upgraded so that it can handle all the parameters for a single NN-XT Zone (eg add a second LFO, more looping options, more envelope options etc.)

As an added bonus, allow it to read Redrum kits (although you'd need 20 outputs for a Redrum patch!). A single kit would load up to 10 sampler devices that run into a mixer for panning and sends. Levels are handled by the sample devices rather than the mixer as this is something that is usually mapped to velocity.

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