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Old 2009-03-09, 16:26
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Exclamation SOLVED - Automap 3 and Remote 37 SL issue: "Reason is offline"

Hi, everyone.

Fist of all, sorry for the long post.

I just updated to Automap 3 (free) and i'm having quiet a hard time to setup Reason 4.0.1 to recognize it properly. I have Ableton Live 7.0.14 and it's working fine thou. I'm using a Novation Remote 37 SL.

I checked the Novation folders on my computer and the instructions there (Reason SL.pdf) didn't solve the problem. I didn't find the Automap 3 manual on the Novation website.

The problem sums up to this: the LCD of the Remote SL shows that Reason is offline, even thou i can control all the parameters in Reason (they don't show up on the LCD and that's what i'm trying to fix).

Here's the story:

I have a fresh install of WinXP SP3 and updated all the drivers for my 2 soundcards: the M-Audio's Fast Track Pro (connected via USB) and the Delta 2496 (on a PCI slot).

Since it was a fresh install, i went straight to Automap 3 and the installation was fine (no errors): the Remote SL was recognized and the OS of it updated to 4.1.12.

I then launched Reason, opened up Preferences > Keyboards and clicked on Auto-detect surfaces. No keyboard was detected. Then i added manually: Novation > Remote Series. I clicked 'find' and pressed a key on my RemoteSL and it recognized Remote SL Port 2 as the MIDI input (i chose Port 2 as MIDI out also, since that's how it was working when i had Automap 2 running).

Then i pressed Ok and Reason showed a message that it's gonna upload a template to my Remote SL. I did what the message said: set memory protection to off on the Remote SL then pressed Play and clicked Ok. Reason said the templated was uploaded to my Remote SL, but it wasn't (still showing "Reason is offline" on the LCD).

Anyway, i checked if Reason was accepting MIDI from my Remote, and here's the catch: it is! If i move all the knobs and sliders on the RemoteSL, it changes whatever instrument or device in Reason, but my Remote SL LCD's shows that "Reason is offline". so i can't see what parameters i'm controlling in Reason.

I'm using the template 37 on the Remote SL and i guess that Reason is not sending back the MIDI values to Automap (that's probably why i can't see any parameters on the LCD).

Here's how the template 37 on my Remote is set (after pressing the 'template' button):

KeybChan: 1
KeybPort: ComnPORT
ComnChan: 1
ComnPort: U2

Here's how the global mode is set on the Remote SL:

USB1to: M1 M2
MIDITo: U1 M1 M2

Before i make any changes to this values above ("trial and error" method), i prefer not to in this case to avoid messing things up.

Reason worked fine in Automap 2, but now i'm kinda lost here on Automap 3. Maybe i'm not alone and some of you Reasoners can help me? Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thanks for your attention!

Last edited by DRStudio; 2009-03-13 at 14:31. Reason: Problem solved

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