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I really wish there were underpants in Reason... it would improve the workflow so much, at least for me. I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate being able to have the devices wear underpants. It's really distracting, inappropriate and quite frankly, disgusting, to have to watch the devices being naked all the time.

In my view, Reason is not a full-fledged, sophisticated piece of software before an underpants feature is introduced.

I have here illustrated how I think Reason should look, with underpants included of course.

One device with a simple set of underpants:

A slightly larger device with a more advanced set of underpants, including large red spots and a small pocket for extra performance:

With a Combinator, all devices can share one big set of underpants, here with buttons:

I hope the Propellerheads staff will see this post and consider incorporating this dearly needed feature into their software.

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