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FS: Page B for Thor! :D

I hereby request a "Page B" button for Thor.

This Page would be identical to regular Thor but with a sligtly different coloring scheme to make it stand out. It would feature a "2nd Thor" but the devices would be freely adressable through the mod-matrixes. Each page would have it's own mod-matrix.

Adressing for Thor - Page B
Oscillators 4, 5 & 6
Filters 4, 5 & 6
LFO 1B & 2B
Filter Env B
Amp Env B
Mod Env B
Global Env B

I know this is no small feat but can you all imagine how awesome this would be! (and for those of you thinking "just use a 2nd Thor in a combi": The idea is that you can still route the signal freely in the matrix between the two pages and not lose polyphonic envelopes or LFO's). You would be able to do "real" 6-OP FM Synthesis. This request probably needs an "expand mod matrix" (or a whole new page for just the mod matrix ) button as well, just to cope with all the new possibilites.

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