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Refill Ratings and Reviews

This may be covered elsewhere, but I can't find it in a search. Would there be a way for Props to revise the refill section of the website to allow user ratings and reviews (both commercial and free)? Thousands of other websites have this availability, and it makes it easier to narrow down your choices. Simple star ratings with comments would be great. I realize this would allow both good and bad comments, but it's easy to ferret out the overly optimistic and overly critical reviews to come up with a better feel for each refill. The reviews would be subject to approval by Props to avoid junk posts just like all of the other music websites (musiciansfriend, sweetwater, americanmusical, etc). It would also be nice if Props would put release dates on refill descriptions as well. This isn't life or death, but would add more interactivity to the site.

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