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FS: New filter models for Thor

Suggestions for new filter models would be.

CS-80 Filter:
Non selfoscillating filter with a HP and LP filter in series, 12db 2-pole.

MS-20 Filter:
Selfoscillating filter with a HP and LP filter in series, 12db 2-pole.

SSM Filter:
Selfoscillating 24db 4-pole filter inspired by the filter found in the Korg PolySix, Korg Mono/Poly, Fairlight II, PPG Wave 2.3, early Prophet 5 and the Octave Cat.

Curtis Filter:
Selfoscillating 24db CEM filter switchable between 4 and 2-poles, 2 pole mode is not selfoscillating. Inspired by the curtis filter found in later Prophet 5 and Oberheim OB-8.

Xpander/Matrix 12 Filter:
Multimode filter inspired by the filter found inside the Oberheim Xpander/Matrix 12.

4-Pole Mix Filter:
a 4-pole filter inspired by the JoMoX SunSyn, where you have four independent mixing levels for the 4 poles. Each of the four are switchable LP-BP-HP so that the user can create some very interesting filter setups (i.e. 3-pole BP + 1-pole HP).

You could probably fit the CS-80 and the MS-20 insipred filters on the same module and just incorporate a MS/CS switch to change between the models. You could also fit the SSM and Curtis filter models on the same module and have a switch between the two models.

I know these suggestions might be far fetched but hey, one can always dream (and suggest). If I could only choose one of these I would probably go for the 4-Pole Mix Filter.

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