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Smile A thought on VST.......

The Propellerheads are known for their quality and stability and the fact that every release of Reason has seen a significant improvement without losing any of it's prior build quality.

So when the Props have something that they wish to add to the application that is not within the scope of their immediate operation what do they do? They release refills which are still tightly under their control, and thus do not jeopardize the reputation of their product.

Now, one of the 2 raging and pretty much pointless debates with no end in sight, is the implementation of VST plugins and Instruments, the other of course being My old nemesis audio in, which shall be no further mentioned by Myself in this thread.

So, extra features OR Stability. Why not both?

Why not have a new plugin standard specifically for Reason called PVST? or PVT or VPT, there's really no limit to this bit.

The idea is that third party developers can make devices that can be plugged in to Reason, but in a way that the Props have control over, ensuring that stability and quality standards are met. At the moment I believe that the Props control who gets usage of the ReWire protocol. So why not do the same for plugins?

Everyone's thoughts please

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